Announcing CowGirl Parlour… An exploration of milk, abundance and doubt.

I spent the last few months of 2014  researching in fields, milking parlours, cowsheds, libraries and beside mountain lakes where magical herds have appeared and disappeared. I’ve mulled over the details of rotary and herringbone parlours, semen catalogues, auroch skeletons and milk vestiges on 6,000 year old pots.  It has been a truly fascinating process, and I feel I could carry on indefinitely – but now it’s all systems go to bring our CowGirl Parlour project from research to manifest reality!

It’s certainly a challenge. There is a script to be finished for the live performance as well as for the sound installation, there is music to compose, there are cows, farmers, vets, artists and scientists to record,  and there is a 1972 Carlight Casalette caravan to transform into a performance installation/library/gallery/pop-up ice cream parlour.  All needing  to be ready for a first meeting with the public at  Ledbury Poetry Festival in July….  So, please watch this space.  Between now and July there will be regular updates as we progress, so you can meet the project team and find out how we’re getting on.

Christine Watkins, Project Initiator and Lead Artist.