A whirlwind ten days with the CowGirl Parlour at Lebury Poetry Festival!

New meetings, wonderful responses, over 500 visitors to the installation and/or the performance, in Ledbury town, Canon Frome Court, Garway and Skenfrith – hot days, a few rainy hours – and such a good time!



InteriorTwebCAWbwToBblogWe’ll be reflecting, reviewing, collating, responding to invitations, sorting through comments and photos over the coming weeks, so do keep checking in with us here on the blog as we feel our way forward with this beautiful piece of work…


LilybasketLedwebmeanwhile, don’t forget you can contact us here on the blog with any comments or questions!  We’d love to hear from you….

all images on this page by Turlach O’Broin.